A Matter of Touch - It's just a matter of touch...
30min Massage This 30min session is designed for specific area work or for the client who is short on time. It can be as specific as just your neck, back, or legs.   $40 ($25 for members)                                

60min Massage A full sixty minute mixture of Swedish and Deep Tissue, head-to-toe massage that is sure to put your mind, body, and soul at ease. This is a generous, soothing combination of long, gliding strokes accompanied by gentle kneading that is sure to remind you of how you should feel everyday.   $80 ($50 for members)                                                                                                           
90min Massage  A blissful combination of any of the above sessions. This stress busting 90min massage is relaxing, yet allows enough time for more specific work on problem areas.  $110 ($75 for members)                                                                                                                                                                    
60min Couples Massage  One hour of relaxation while you and a loved one or a friend experience real quality time together.   $160                                                                                                                       

Series This discount allows you to prepay $240 for 4 60min sessions  or $360 for 4 90min sessions.                                                              Note: Sessions must be purchased all at once.
REFERRALS: All referrals entitle you to $20 off of your next regular priced massage.         


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