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Scheduling / Cancellation Policy
Vouchers(Groupon, Living Social, etc...)

All vouchers are first time clients only unless otherwise stated on the fine print of the voucher.

If you’re using a Groupon voucher we now require that you call, text, or email to schedule an appointment. They can not be scheduled online.

If you “no call no show” and you’re using a prepaid voucher from Groupon, Living Social, Amazon, or similar, we reserve the right to redeem your voucher as used. 

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We recommend that you call, text, or email at least 72 hours prior to the specific date that you’re requesting service. We will do our best to accommodate your availability! We do not call to remind you about your appointment. Our scheduling system will email, and, or text you 48 hours prior to your massage.

We ask that all first time clients arrive at least five minutes prior to your session to complete a short intake form. In addition to verbally gathering information from you, our intake form helps us to establish the best form of treatment for your massage.

Things happen. We know that. So, please do your best to give us at least 24 hours notice of canceling or rescheduling your appointment.
If you are late to your massage, receiving the full amount of time will be at the discretion or availability of your Massage Therapist.
If you “no call no show” for your appointment we may:
- require that the missed session be paid for before you can schedule another
- count the missed appointment as one of your prepaid massages if you have a package of 4 or 8 massages
- require you to hold further appointments with a credit card