A Matter of Touch - It's just a matter of touch...
Welcome to A Matter of Touch! My name is C.J. Johnson. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist(#006455), and a proud graduate of Branford Hall Career Institute in Windsor, Connecticut with over 1080 hours of combined class and "hands-on" time. After 13 years of delivering mail in the greater Hartford area I decided that it was time for a change. Massage Therapy was actually a suggestion...a suggestion that I grew to love. After trying to do both careers simultaneously, I made the decision to do massage full time in September 2011. Also a nice birthday gift to myself!

My primary goal is to educate you about Therapeutic Massage. Secondly, to apply the principles that I've learned and shared with you,  in a series of goal oriented sessions orchestrated by you and I. My responsibility as a therapist is to build rapport with you...not the other way around. That trust can be established by you and I, therapist and client,  by reaching attainable and measurable goals together. We ask questions about your body before and after your session. We want to alleviate whats ailing you not just rush you out the door.  

 Those goals may be, but not limited to: stress relief, increased circulation, better digestion, increased range of motion and flexibility, release of lactic acid(soreness after a workout), and overall improved muscle function.
 I can also help with:- sore neck muscles from working at a computer, soreness after the gym, low back pain/ sciatica, piriformis syndrome, carpel tunnel, rotator cuff injuries/ frozen shoulder, cramps, migraines/headaches, or restlessness.

 call or text: 860-616-8150
 email: cj@amatteroftouchllc.com
 924 Farmington Ave, suite 203
West Hartford, CT 06107