A Matter of Touch - It's just a matter of touch...
Welcome! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit A Matter of Touch!
Are you looking for Therapeutic Massage or ambiance?

Get rid of that headache or a nice fruit spread?

Alleviate those sore, hunched shoulders or a nice robe?

Attention to that shooting sciatic pain or nice slippers?

Help decrease your stress or get your hair done? Okay, this might be a tough one for the ladies but you get our point. 
A Matter of Touch is your choice if you're looking for Therapeutic Massage that targets your areas of concern. This is a relaxing, office-like atmosphere and our primary goal is to help eliminate whatever it is that ails you...relief from sitting at a computer all day, driving for 6 hours a day, weekend warrior sports, or standing/walking all day.


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